HLEP Clients

HLEP is lucky to work with great student entrepreneurs and startups in a variety of industries. Below are just a few clients from the current and most recent semesters.


Chef'd Up


Chef'd Up is an online platform that empowers you to bring Boston's top chefs into your home for a unique dining experience. Hosting a Chef'd Up event allows you and your guests to interact with a top chef and see the chef's unrestrained creativity right in your kitchen. And the chefs are some of the best around, several having worked for some of the highest-rated restaurants in the world.

Campus Doorman



Campus Doorman, a company founded and run by Harvard Business School students, offers moving, furniture, and relocation services for students. Campus Doorman saves students time, money, and stress, and will ensure that your new home is move-in ready before you even arrive! Visit their website to see how they can simplify your move today!

Zen Way


Zen Way's learning algorithm personalizes standardized test prep, and our first product, Zen of 180, improves LSAT scores by 5.3 points. We're trying to make our Harvard Law School, 180-scoring, Teach For America-award winning co-founders and other tutors obsolete, so we call our product tutorless tutoring.



We have created the first fully customizable platform for interactive instructions that doctors can give to their patients. In the palm of their hands, patients get a fun and dynamic version of the old-and-ignored paper-based forms. Clinicians receive an easy-to-read summary of patient progress, providing instant documentation and raising alerts when a patient needs attention.




votetrends is an online polling platform that captures shifts in public opinion by tracking how votes change over time. We firmly believe that to accurately determine public sentiment, voting trends are much more valuable than one-time opinion snapshots. Users can create polls as well as answer questions created by fellow members of the votetrends community. Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals to express their opinions while maintaining their privacy.


By automating referral workflow SOLUS makes communication between primary care physicians (PCP) and non-traditional care providers easy. SOLUS Health Systems is disrupting health delivery through primary care, by integrating referral management, care coordination, and behavior change.




Whether it's that bag you carry to work every day, your favorite notebook, or that kitchen gadget you can't do without, we all have certain products in our lives that we own and love. These products are a joy to use and enhance our lives. At Tiotil, you can become a paid product ambassador for the products you already love, as well as discover new products by connecting with people like you.


Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE)


ARTE is an organization that uses art, design, and technology to empower young people to develop creative solutions and bring awareness to local and global human rights challenges, fostering leadership opportunities to train and organize other young people in their own communities.




Engaged Health.png

Engaged Health


Engaged Health is a unique post-hospitalization service that addresses psychosocial issues in underserved patient populations to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital re-admissions, and reduce system costs.

Project Green Campus

Project Green Campus is revolutionizing the way communities invest in themselves and share the value created by sustainability projects. We help communities and large organizations fund sustainability projects by marketing, structuring, and connecting those projects with investors interested in lending into their own communities. We are debuting a pilot version of our platform at Harvard this spring, and then will proceed to work with school districts, towns, and housing associations across the US.

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